• "You will have to allow yourself to fail. Use your failure against him. Your failure is his failure; your weakness is his weakness. Then, only then, can you do something." - R.O.T.O.R.

    "You thought you could own me by controlling my brain. But what you didn’t realize is that you don’t own a man until you control his heart." - Hands of Steel

    "Heroes don't just shoot bad guys; they put supper on the table, they fix bicycles, they do ... boring things. Real things. Not make-believe." - Cloak & Dagger

    "There is a man who has unlocked every door except the one to his own soul ..." - The Amazing Transparent Man

    "I've got nothing left. Nothing. Just an old samurai sword and a promise to fill." - Overkill

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Review: Joyride (1977)

Pissing contests, salmon fishing, Melanie Griffith – JOYRIDE.


Review: Overkill (1987)

With all the personality of a deck of playing cards.