Welcome to the Basement.

As online streaming services continue to dominate the home entertainment market, our movie viewing options have become more diverse than ever. From big-budget superhero blockbusters to director-driven arthouse curios, the online selection is limitless. Wait periods and late fees no longer exist. VHS tapes are cumbersome relics and DVDs are on their way out. Anything less than instant gratification is unnacceptable.

But with ease of use comes a culling of the fold. Netflix can only take us so far; they only have only so much room. The rest is discarded, forgotten.

The Video Basement offers a selection inspired by the limitations of the past. When the latest Indiana Jones wasn’t in yet, there were other, more dangerous choices: Films with weird names left to gather dust on hard-to-reach shelves; luridly designed covers; unlabeled tapes in clamshell boxes; direct-to-video garbage or straight from Italy knockoffs.

We’re here to bring these undesirables to light, to discover something beautiful buried within the forgotten: A link between the past, present and future hidden within bottom-of-the-barrel video rental selections from yesteryear.

Take up your shovel, fellow explorer, and join us.


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